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Hello everyone. Takagaki Teruyoshi, Representative Director.
In Japan, in 2007, it began to enter the super aged society ahead of the world, and 10 years passed.
Super aged society is not only a negative aspect but also a reversal of the longevity society.
A society that can live long and healthy is a happy society, is not it?
Collagen has been used as a cosmetic product based on the idea of ​​keeping moisture on your skin so far. However, recently, from the idea of ​​satisfying the inner moisture of the body, the method of ingesting collagen blended into food and drink has gained great support and widespread.
Recent studies have found that collagen ingestion not only helps the health of the skin but also plays a major role in improving health other than skin.
One of them is the Locomotive syndrome (exerciser disease).
Furthermore, it is suggested that collagen intake is useful for preserving the flexibility of blood vessels, and it has been known to relieve hypertension due to aging.
Japan is leading the world in collagen research.
Today as the aging of the world advances,I hope to extend the healthy lifespan of the people of the world and help to realize a lively life.
June 2017 edition

Representative director RABJ Co., Ltd. Teruyoshi Takagaki

Representative profile

Born in Suita-shi, Osaka Prefecture
Admission to Department of Agriculture Food Engineering Kyoto University.
Completed Master's degree in Graduate School of Agriculture at Kyoto Graduate School
Joined Takeda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Assigned to Food Vitamin Division
Move to Better Home Foods (Thailand)
Change to KAITO Co., Ltd. Engaged in food development and imports
Independent start in consulting business of food development.
Participate as a technical advisor to Rabj Co., Ltd.
Osaka branch opened and assumed office as branch manager.
Inaugurated as Representative Director.(To the present)
Representative of THAI NIPPON RABJ CO., LTD.

Company Profile

Tokyo Office 3F,IMC SHINBASHI Bldg. 5-5-1 Shinbashi Minato-ku Tokyo 105-0004,Japan
TEL: +81 3 5405-1030 FAX:+81 3 3405-3077
September 12, 2003
Business Description

Manufacture, sale, and import/export of fish collagen and natural apatite (calcium phosphate)

Development, manufacture, sale, and import/export of materials for health food products and cosmetics

All businesses incidental to the above

Total Stockholder's
Total Stockholder's Equity 100 million yen(as of August 2008)
Major Banks with Dealings
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Tsurumi Branch
The Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd. Tsurumi Branch
Mizuho Bank, Ltd. Aoyama Branch
The Hokkoku Bank, Ltd. Tokyo Branch
Member of the Board of Directors and Statutory Auditors
Representative Director Teruyoshi Takagaki
Senior Managing Director Tetsuro Takada
Director Toshiaki Tanaka
Director Jun Sakata
Director Kunitoshi Sekimoto
Statutory Auditor Kyoichi Furuse
OEM Factory


September 2003
Established company in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
December 2004
The head office is relocated from shinjuku to Akasaka Minato-ku .
May 2007
Osaka branch opened in Nishi-ku,Osaka
June 2007
Began importing liquid raw materials and spray drying
October 2007
The head office is relocated from Akasaka to Shinbashi Minato-ku .
January 2008
Thailand factory relocation
February 2008
Release of liquid collagen products (eighteen litre drum)
April 2009
Osaka branch relocated from Nishi-ku to Yodogawa-ku.
September 2009
Presented at an exhibition in Xiamen, China
December 2010
Release of liquid collagen for cosmetics.
July 2011
The head office is relocated to Shimbashi 5-chome.
December 2013
Manufacture and sale of liquid collagen for heavy users (240kg drums)
August 2016
Patent application filed for lactic acid bacilli fermented collagen
June 2017
Osaka branch closure

Business contents

Collagen Division

RABJ specializes in manufacturing fish collagen, and does not deal in other raw materials like pig hide.
We operate our own plant just outside of Bangkok, Thailand, with an integrated system, from raw materials procurement in the local area to finished product production.
We are promoting research and development of new products.
Since opening our Thailand plant in 2003, we have fostered relationships with local suppliers to ensure we are using the highest quality fish scales.
We operate a positive system in which we regularly conduct inspections for agrochemical residues and antibiotics.

Sales office

  • Tokyo Office

    3F,IMC SHINBASHI Bldg. 5-5-1
    Shinbashi Minato-ku Tokyo 105-0004,Japan
    TEL: +81 3 5405-1030 FAX:+81 3 3405-3077

  • Thai factory

    55/237 Moo 6, Suchai Road, Thasai,Muang, Samutsakhon 74000, Thailand